As an experienced designer, I expertly apply my creativity and skills in photo manipulation and 3D modeling to create visually stunning and innovative solutions for a variety of projects. My extensive background in visual design spans over seven years, having worked at reputable companies such as Sibche, Taaghche, IranCard (Ayandeh Bank), and Shatel. My educational background in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Tehran and Visual Communication from EITTC University has further honed my artistic vision and ability to seamlessly integrate sound and image.

I am passionate about designing impactful and memorable visuals that effectively communicate and resonate with audiences. My core competencies include creativity, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving, all of which I bring to every project I undertake. I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills in the field by embracing emerging techniques and trends, and I thrive on taking on diverse and complex assignments that challenge me to excel and grow as a designer.


AYRIA GROUP, Tehran, Iran
August 2023 - Present
Art Director

September 2022 - August 2023
Senior Graphic Designer

TAAGHCHE, Tehran, Iran
July 2022 - September 2022
Senior Graphic Designer

SIBCHE, Tehran, Iran
June 2020 - July 2022
Graphic Designer

SHATEL, Tehran, Iran
October 2016 - March 2019
Junior Graphic Designer


Master’s Degree
Music Theory and Composition
September 2016 - July 2019

Bachelor’s Degree
Visual Communication
February 2011 - February 2015


Visual Design | 3D Modeling | UI/UX Design | HTML Ad Design | Art Direction | Prototyping | Photo Manipulation | Digital Marketing Proficiency


Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Animate | Adobe XD | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Premiere Pro | Maxon Cinema 4D | Figma


Other projects are not available for public display because they have not been launched yet. If you want to see these projects privately, please send me an access request.